Friday, April 07, 2006

Bag Fetish...

Ok, so I admit it - I'm have a bag fetish. I love techie, geek bags which can be used to hold my gadgets. I've been on the quest for a new laptop bag for a while. I'm currently on a "small and light" binge. Over the years, I've gone back and forth between the huge, mondo "desktop replacements" and the chic "little" notebooks. Currently I'm running an IBM Thinkpad X40 which is super thin, light and more importantly can run for a whopping 4+ hours on a single charge. Try that on your monster gaming laptop!

Anyway, I digress - back to bags... I've been looking for a bag which will fit my laptop, some additional goodies and is useful. Oh, it also has to look cool too? Why? Well, I like cool looking stuff. In the past, I've purchased bags from Tom Bihn in Seattle. Tom makes very cool, hard working bags which are awesome. However, I couldn't find something I liked which fit my laptop and stuff without being too large.

Last night I was surfing the web and found out about a custom bag company called WaterField Designs. The company has a great site, and a nice personal touch - it seems that customer service isn't dead (yet). After ordering, I received a nice note from Gary (the owner) letting me know my order had shipped. Reading the forums, he's very prolific and works hard to address peoples concerns and questions. Any problems with his stuff and you can return it no questions asked. I chose the Racer-X bag which is a mid-sized bag large enough to hold my small laptop but large enough to carry all the goodies I'll need around the office and when I fly out of town. It also has a very cool mountain bike grip!

Apparently my bag shipped tonight and will be in my mitts sometime on Tuesday. Can't wait... :-)


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