Thursday, April 06, 2006

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I just recently returned from a two week recruiting trip to Europe. This past year, I made a special commitment to recruiting for both my team (WinFS) and Microsoft as a whole. In January, I took a trip to Prague, CZ for fulltime candidates. In March, I returned again to Europe to recruit for Microsoft's intern program.

Sounds like a lot of fun traveling to foreign lands, zipping into and out of airport lines, having "plush" biz class flights, etc. Not bad eh? Well, think again - it's actually really hard work. I give huge credit to the recruiters at Microsoft - in particular the international team who work tirelessly throughout the year to fill positions at Microsoft. These amazing guys and girls travels huge amounts of time (Cait, a recruiting friend of mine travels out of the country almost a third of her time).

My last trip was for our international internship program. We left Seattle on a Tuesday afternoon and flew directly (through Amsterdam) to Moscow. Like most folks my age (mid 30's), I grew up during the era of the cold war when Russia was the bastion of "evil commies". It was a very interesting experience visiting Moscow, walking through Red Square and past the Kremlin building. I found the whole experience quite moving - it didn't look large nor scary. It's amazing how something you've never seen before can conjure up such deep feelings.

We interviewed in Moscow for a whole day and then caught the 9pm flight out to Warsaw, Poland. I've been to Warsaw several times (last time recruiting for SQL Server in 2000). I've always found the people super friendly and easy to get along with. As with prior trips, we found our way to the local Irish Pub, where as luck would have it we found it was St Patrick's day. Oh yeah!

From Warsaw we headed for some weekend RNR to Paris where we spent four full days. I've always wanted to see Notre Dame cathedral in Paris so we managed to stop for a few minutes in our airport taxi.

From Paris we flew on into Dublin for another two days of interviews. Also a very cool place - somewhere I'd love to visit again soon.

Overall the trip was quite exhausting but also a lot of fun. Our days started around 8am with interviews that frequently ran to 7pm at night. Lots of talking, lots of repetition but super interesting to meet lots of young people excited by technology. I visited a bunch of places I've never been before (Moscow and Dublin) and met a ton of interesting people.

What about the purpose of the trip? Well, that was great too - we interviewed 75 candidates in two weeks and have made 24 offers. Now, that's a really good result :) : ,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nige you look wierd on that photo...Something like you're saying, "Now I know why I should have listened in French Lessons at St Wilfrid's"

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