Saturday, May 13, 2006

Getting hooked on Orcas..

This weekend, I was up on Orcas with Lynn and our friends John and Cait (my two travel buddies - see my post on Work Travel). The weekend was great deal of fun - good hiking, lots of good times cooking and relaxing, etc.

Our place on Orcas is our home away from home - it's comfortable, has all the mod cons (including internet) and is great for getting away from it all. Lynn has been working on finishing off the place and usually has a project or two up her sleeve. The recent project was to complete a storage system for the spare bedroom - the missing piece were some nice handmade hooks for hanging stuff on the walls. We'd scoped out a supplier last summer but had problems tracking him down. Well, this was the weekend where we finally found Zak (the blacksmith) in his smithy and got the hooks we needed :-)

The visit to the smithey was very cool - not only did we accomplish the mission to get the hooks, Zak made them for us while we were there! How cool is that? Lynn even assisted in the final production so we can at least make claim that we made some of the hooks ourselves. Ok, perhaps stretching the truth somewhat :-)

What's even funnier is that the steel used to make the hooks comes from the bolts in an old cable spool (the 5' diameter wooden kind). We had such a spool by our camp fire pit at the house on Orcas. The spool doubled as a table and occasionally a dance platform for some of our wilder summer parties. It's great to see just how creative people are at re-using materials which we typically consider waste or junk. In this case, the wood was used as firewood and the bolts turned into beautiful hand made wall hooks.

Heating the hooks

Drawing out the eye

Shaping and bending

The nice part of the weekend is that Orcas continues to be a place of discovery for me. I've been going to the island for over 10 years. Each visit is always special and I always leave more relaxed than when I came.


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