Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jamie Oliver watch out...

Ever seen the Naked Chef? It's a cooking show by a brit called Jamie Oliver. He's really taken the cooking world by storm with his practical recipes and cooking style. Yesterday I was over at my friend Eddie's house for a pseudo house warming/BBQ. CIMG0019.JPG The food was awesome with a tasting menu planned by my friend Ben.

As part of my gadget collection for the upcoming Africa trip, I'd purchased a Casio EX-Z850 - a super small and light pocket camera capable of recording 480p (640x480) quality video. We took a little movie of our cooking exploits - Ben making pan fried seared salmon with a garlic, herb, parsley cream sauce. Yum!

Go grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the solid shout out, much appreciated. One small note, the salmon was actually pan-seared not pan-fried. Pan-frying would be with enough oil to cover the salmon half-way and would be at a lower temperature. While the amount of oil you see in the video seems like a lot, this is still considered a saute or a pan-sear. The oil in the pan is really just a heat transfer medium rather than food to eat. After the salmon was evenly colored, we drained most of the oil off and then proceeded to make the sauce.
As for Jamie Oliver, he should start watching out once I look good with my shirt off, so I figure he's safe for quite some time... Or at least until I stop cooking with so many cream sauces... :)
BennyLove G-props

1:24 AM  

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