Monday, May 01, 2006

The next big thing...

Have you ever starting something small, only to find it takes a mind of it's own and grows in leaps and bounds? Perhaps it's been your last car purchase or a computer purchase or something like that. You go with a budget/limit in mind and then before you know it, you've left the store with the thing you "have to have" - money no object. That was my experience - well sort of when it came to planning my next big trip. Intrigued? Read on...

Every year Lynn and I go to something called the Tux 'n' Tails auction - it's an auction which raises money for our local pet shelter. Each year we've gone, there's always been a safari trip to South Africa which looks really cool. This time we went for it and found ourselves signed up (sight unseen) for a one week safari trip to South Africa (with our friends too!).

As part of planning the trip, we decided that we had to arrive on the safari all fresh and rested (it's a 17+ hr flight from Seattle). This involved various discussion on traveling "economy plus" with a stop over in London or France. world-map-with-our-stops.jpg BA really sticks it to you for airfare so it wasn't long before we were pricing out "around the world" biz class fares. For a little more (ok, in this price range, a little == $1500/ea), we were able to get tickets in business class from Seattle around the globe and back again. See how this started as a "budget 1 week trip" and bloomed into an RTW traveling adventure? Oh, and I didn't mention the camera gear and goodies to ensure the "perfect moment won't be forgotten" :-)

Anyway, we're getting pretty excited now.... we leave on May 11th and will be visiting France (Normandy for mountain biking), UAE (Dubai), South Africa (Safari), Malaysia (Tioman island), Singapore, and Japan (Tokyo) before hitting the home leg back to Seattle. Sweet!

Anyway, we're planning on "blogging our way" around the world so stay tuned... : , , , , ,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So have you finaly done this trip?
We thought Thailand was fantastic mate. Going back in November

PS this page is really sad!!!

1:08 PM  
Blogger Nigel Ellis said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Nigel Ellis said...

Yep, we went and did it - the full trip blog is at

1:40 PM  

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